Mandy howell

Many_small.jpgMandy Howell has taught fifth grade Math at Shorecrest for the past 5 years. With nearly a decade of teaching experience, she holds a BEd. Elementary Education, and an MEd. Elementary Education-Educational Technology. According to Mrs. Howell, “I love helping kids find joy in Math- yes everyone can find joy in Math!”

Mandy and her husband are parents to Emma, a future Charger. In addition to teaching in the Middle School, Mandy is the coach of the Middle School cheerleaders as well as the Little Sparks, the cheer squad for students in the Experiential and Lower Schools.

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Sandy Janack

janack_sandy-703776-edited.jpgSandy Janack teaches fifth grade Social Studies. She joined Shorecrest in 2015 from Bay Vista Fundamental where she taught for ten years. Sandy earned her Bachelor’s in English from the University of Michigan and her Master’s in Teaching from Seattle University. She also earned her National Board Certification in 2008, a rewarding year-long process as demanding as her Master’s program. Over her 20 year teaching career, she has also taught in New York and Washington State, as well as at Brookwood School, an independent school in Massachusetts.

Sandy is passionate about teaching and is always on the lookout for opportunities for students to be creative and collaborative, and to make connections from the classroom to the “real world.” Sandy enjoys traveling and has completed bike trips in Maine, Prince Edward Island, the Netherlands, and Germany/Austria. She has also traveled with People to People, leading groups of 40 high school students to Australia/New Zealand, and on another trip to 6 countries in Europe. These trips, among others, have sparked her interest in geography, the environment, and the many cultures of the world.


Jarvis_Melanie259-809098-edited.jpgMelanie Jarvis teaches fifth grade Spanish and has 17 years of teaching experience, 16 of them at Shorecrest. She holds a BA and an MA in Spanish, both from Florida State University. Sra. Jarvis says, “I LOVE it when the ‘light bulb’ goes on in a student - that, ‘oh, I get it’ moment!” She continues, “It is wonderful to work at Shorecrest because I get to see students progress in their learning and see their improvement over the years.”

In addition to her passion for teaching the Spanish language, Sra. Jarvis is an avid animal lover and a former competitive equestrienne.



Selene Willis

Selene_sm.jpgSelene Willis, who joined Shorecrest in 2014, teaches fifth grade Science and has 8 years of teaching experience. She has a BS in Biochemistry from Virginia Tech and a Masters in Science Education from Pace University. Mrs. Willis is currently pursuing a PhD in Science Curriculum and Instruction at USF.

According to Ms. Willis, “Fifth grade is Middle School with training wheels, but by the end of the year many are riding like pros! Our team loves to see students overcome the challenges of middle school right before our eyes. I think they are the best Middle School grade because it's just so easy to have a grand time with them and still learn lots of great science.”

When she is not thinking of interesting ways to excite her students in science class, Ms. Willis is a self-taught cake decorator and co-director of a non-profit cultural foundation in Jamaica.