want to apply for a tuition discount? 

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All prospective and current Shorecrest families may apply for need-based tuition assistance from the Shorecrest Flexible Tuition Program. The Financial Aid application deadline for the 2017-18 school year was January 31, 2017. To discuss your specific circumstances, please contact the admissions office at 727-456-7511. 

  • The only way to estimate the award for which your family qualifies is to submit an application online at http://sssbynais.org/parents/apply/. The application portal is open October 24, 2016-January 31, 2017. 
  • SSS charges a $48 application fee. Some families may qualify for need-based fee waiver from SSS, which is determined automatically through the application process.
  • SSS determines a family's need using a number of factors including family size, income, debts, assets, etc.
  • Shorecrest then awards tuition assistance based on the family’s estimated need from SSS, the school’s current financial aid budget and the overall enrollment of the school.

Both custodial and non-custodial parents (regardless of legal settlements) who are divorced, separated, or never married are required to submit the Parent Financial Statement to SSS.

Please keep in mind that Shorecrest may be unable to offer the Shorecrest Flexible Tuition Program to every student who qualifies for both admission and a reduced tuition. The best way to see if you qualify, and know if you will receive an award is to submit your application for admission to Shorecrest and your application for financial aid to SSS. 

Apply for Financial Aid

What You Need to Apply

**If you have not yet filed your taxes for the year in question, use previous year tax returns or estimates. If you have received income for something, yet you do not have documentation for that income, it is acceptable to enter your best estimate of the amount.